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Why You Should Have a Web Site Now...

Have you developed your business or product in excellence? It deserves as much exposure as you can give it. A great way to get more leads, more sales and more customers is to use one of the fastest growing tools around to help you connect with more prospects. A website will expand your exposure; increase your sales opportunities, cut expenses and more.

Here are 5 more of the ten winner reasons to get a website:

6. Grow your existing sales opportunities through post cards, speeches, book signings, and radio interviews with a toll-free 800 order number for non-techies. Be sure to offer a special price on one of your products or services. Improve your customer service and support systems for many enjoy buying online and expect a smooth process. Don't disappoint your online customers.

7. Save on support costs. Wishing for the rented office space, new equipment, new matching furniture and support staff. Keep working toward your wish. Meanwhile, use online marketing through a website to get easier, cheaper and more effective results than mail, telephone or fax.

8. Cut the cost of doing business. Set up a home-based virtual office with much less overhead. With e-book and online marketing you spend less time and money on postage, packaging or mailing. You don't have to depend on brick and mortar bookstores who sell your book through distribution and wholesalers as your only sales channel. If you don't already know these channels leave you with up to 80% less profit. Online bookstores may accept your e-book & print book more readily. Visit sites such as Amazon.com or BookLocker.com for full details.

9. Increase your profits 8x or more. On industry standard book selling sites you receive around 30% royalties for print books, 50% royalties for print e-books via checks periodically through the mail. With your own website for your information product or print book, you will get to keep all the money after expenses along with the added prestige of being an expert in your field.

10. Slash your marketing time because email and web communications are short, fast and targeted. You remove time hogs like buying stamps and letterhead. As an added bonus with a couple of hours a week or hiring a computer assistant you can look like a Barnes and Noble reaching thousands of online buyers by investing ongoing attention and maintenance to your website.

You have grown your business or service; now develop your website to enjoy watching your profits soar to new heights. Stay in touch with your buyers. When they order from your website follow up with them. Start building your list and send them regular follow-up information, free bonuses and requests.

Why Create a Web Site, Part 1


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