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4. Create more product awareness by offering free articles and tips to your web site visitors. 85% of internet users are looking for information. Make your intent to give something useful and helpful in your area of expertise. As your visitors come for the free, they will become aware of your product or service. They may not buy the first or even the fifth time but expert statistics say up to 50% will buy.

5. Follow up on your web site leads fast. When you invite your readers to leave their email address through testimonials or free articles you can stay in touch with them. Offer a free chapter or excerpt from your book. Draw a picture with benefits and great testimonials why they should sign-up for your free newsletter.

You have grown your business or service; now develop your website to enjoy watching your profits soar to new heights. Stay in touch with your buyers. When they order from your website follow up with them. Start building your list and send them regular follow-up information, free bonuses and requests. Read Full Article.

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