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8 Tips to Build Web Site Traffic, P2

How to build web site traffic to your business web site and prosper...

Visitors will judge your site in a few seconds on its professionalism and appropriateness to what they are looking for.

Would you like to create a magnetic Web Site home page, one that brings more people to your web site than ever? Webster’s Dictionary defines magnetic as ‘powerfully attractive.’

What will make your web site's home page interesting? Good design plays an important part in your site’s overall effectiveness. But it’s not the flash that will interest your audience. It’s not the jingles that will connect with your visitor. It’s the customer benefits – the ‘what’s in it for me’ list that create interest and even desire. Create a home page filled with benefits and it will pull your visitors in. What you say your product/service can do is much more attractive than a beautiful web page with weak copy.

Promote with benefits instead of your bio, your credentials and even the features of your product/service. Put them in their proper place on your site. But your audience will most want to know the value of your product to them.

You must answer questions like, “Will it solve my particular problem?” “What will I gain?” “What will I lose if I don’t use your service?” Some universal benefits answer the how tos: getting more passion, more energy, less fatigue, more money, good relationships, more time, less trouble, less stress, less drama and trauma. Here’s a quick tutorial on magnetizing your home page:

6. Add Testimonials. Most everyone wants to know who else has used your service and had a good experience. Testimonials speak up for your product or service. They act as a referral and even an endorsement. The compliments from another customer help melt away your prospect’s fears and doubts about buying from you online.

7. Add Subscription Form. You want the ability to pull your targeted audience back to your site again and again. For if they don’t buy the first time (most don’t), online researchers say they will after the fifth to seventh time of being exposed to your sales message.

8. Add the Pop-Up. Use; don’t abuse the pop-ups. In case, you didn’t know there’s a new generation of pop-ups: scroll pops, float-ins, fly-ins, spin-ins, impact pops, etc. With the popularity of pop-up blockers, one might wonder if the pop-up still works. It still works. Use it in moderation and watch an increase in your subscribers. The bottom line is summed up in an old adage that says, “If you don’t ask, you won’t receive.”

Don’t wait. If you wait you could be starting the next year without the explosive sales and traffic your site deserves. You have invested time and perhaps money into making your site the best it can be. Now, create a magnetic home page by giving your bulleted lists, headlines, subscription forms, pop-ups and links the power of benefits. Magnetize your home page and prosper!

8 Tips to Build More Web Site Traffic, P1


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